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Broken Wagon Sunroof Lid - Advice

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Driving to work today, I suddenly heard a loud bang above me and looked up to see my sunroof safety glass shattered on the front lid section. No one in front of me to throw a rock back and I did not notice anything fall from the sky. Regardless of how it occurred I now have a broken sunroof sadly on my 06 Legacy Wagon.


I received an estimate of $540 for it to be repaired. Rather than pay put the cost I was curious how cost effective it would be to replace it myself. I have the LGT repair manual though no parts of it show my version sunroof with just the sedan with a smaller sunroof. My father was a domestic mechanic for 25 years I am fine myself also with tools as well, so I feel comfortable on doing if I had an easy path before I purchase parts and dig in. From Opposed Forces I have found a part number 6540AG00B which looks to be it from online searching.


Has anyone had experience in swapping this part out? If so, how did it go?

Is there a repair guide online I could be directed to for details on how this can replaced?


I am thankful for any advice to get my sunroof back to normal again.


TL: DR Broken Wagon sunroof front lift glass. Where may I find information in replacing it myself.


Here's what I'm dealin with: http://imgur.com/0nT3qV6 http://m.imgur.com/XTfVGxo

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If you are competent with tools, you certainly should be able to do this yourself. Scour the FS Part Out threads and see if you can find the glass you need. If not, I would bet that most of your $540 estimate was for the labor so you might find the glass for a lot less than you think.


Good luck.

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You should be able to get a moon roof assembly used online. The installation isnt bad per-say. You remove the headliner and once you do you should be able to unscrew the assembly all together. Pop in the new one and reapply silicon and you should be on your way.


Edit, the outback moon roof is identical as well.

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