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Looking for 5EAT transmission cooler suggestions

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I've decided to go with a Mishimoto aluminium radiator, specifically model #MMRAD-STI-08 with an external transmission cooler for the 5EAT in my 06 LGT. Reviews look good and it'll fit with the stock fans.

I'm looking at B&M SuperCoolers because of the bypass flow for cold temperatures. In Reno it can swing from around 5 at the coldest in the winter to about 105 at the highest in the summer.

I'm open to suggestions for trans coolers. I've read Hayden is a great name as well.

Thanks in advance for all info posted and happy holidays.

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only way to do it, is as Climber D outline a while back. External cooler from Tru cool, plumbed with a Derale thermostat to keep temperatures perfect.


Over cooling the 5eat makes it run like shit, and over heating well she wont last long.


I run a Tru-Cool 4451 with Derale and my trans is happy, up to temp quick and doesn't over heat.

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If your engine is stock I don't see a need to install a cooling system of your transmission. I didn't hear from somebody that the seat's gearbox can be overheated. I know cases when it was overheating but the engine was stage 3 and of course, it's very high pressure on the gearbox. I added a transmission cooler on the gearbox of my Golf 7 R that is 450hp)) In this case, of course, the cooler is indispensable. I installed it and I felt the result from the first ride and it deserves the money that I spent. Edited by LeoOtrue
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