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3.0R exhaust

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Hello all,


I have a couple questions regarding the exhaust on my 3.0r, currently it has all stock piping and a Nameless 4" muffled axle back. I think it sounds great but I would like to make it a little more aggressive sounding, so I was either thinking about replacing the stock resonator with just a straight pipe or a 12" Vibrant resonator. How much louder is it with no resonator and will it have any rasp to it, which I do not want. Drone doesn't bother me very much but is that something that the mufflers would help with? Thanks for any answers!

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I replaced the resonator with straight pipe all the way to the mufflers and threw on some Tsudo cans. Definitely louder and deeper. I've driven with the mufflers off so basically straight pipe to the Y out back and it's raspy as hell.


PM me your email I'll send you some sound clips if it'll help ya.


IMO take the resonator out and straight pipe it all the way back. Release that amazing flat 6 noise! :spin:

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