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Cobb stage 1

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Anything really, the rumbles come from having unequal length runners for banks 1&2 in the exhaust manifold. There's an "eBay" catback that's LOUD and cheap, but expect to mess with hangers to get the tips to sit perfectly. You can also get look into Invidia, AVO, Stromung, Borla, and Nameless to name a few off the top of my head! Also, just a moot point, but...


A full exhaust on our cars is known as a "turboback", as the downpipe is replaced with something less restrictive. However, replacing the downpipe is known as a stage 2 modification, and you'd have to flash the associated map.


For stage 1 purposes, all you'll need is a catback, not a full exhaust.



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I definitely recommend going the acessport route. It's a bit pricey up front but it's a great tool and has a TON to offer. Add a downpipe and get a E-tune. You will make alot more reliable power than the ots stage 2 map. I'm currently in the process in getting my e-tune over my cobb stage 2 map.
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