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HVAC controls stopped working?


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My hvac controls just mysteriously stopped working yesterday in the middle of a snow storm making it very difficult to defrost the windshield. Now it is the start of winter and i would really like to resolve this asap.


I have swapped the fuse for the radio already but that did nothing.

- the radio will turn on and the volume control works but i cant change the station or anything else..... im confused on if the radio and the HVAC controls run off the same source?


what else can i check before tearing the dash apart to inspect the wires (which i suspect i may have a mouse in the car somewhere as i had a bag of donuts that i forgot in the trunk that i found the paper shredded up)

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Mine stoppped working this AM before work and it's 25°F out :(

The whole HU display is blank, no rear defrost either, all I can do is turn the radio on, lol.

I can see the HVAC panel blink momentarily when I start the car though.

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