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Angel eyes/halo headlights with turn signal?

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So today on my way to work, I was followed by another 4th gen with a very unique headlight setup:


The projectors had what appeared to be LED halos, but they actually turned off whenever the turn signal was used :eek: It reminded me of many new cars that do the same thing, but I'd never seen that on an LGT. Is this a complete custom job, or is there some available schematic or plan for doing this?


The rest of the car was similarly hooked up with slick looking body work and suspension. But I want those headlights most of all!!

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Thanks, I had seen that but I was referring to the blinker functionality. Apparently there's a phrase for this: It's called "Switchback LED turn signal" or something like that, and here's an LGT walkthrough :lol:





The difference, though, was that his turn signals were just turn signals, and his halos were separate. The halos were disabled during a turn signal, like on a lot of new cars with halo/LED DRLs. It looked awesome.

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