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Windshield washer hose Leak


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Looks like I have a leak in my washer hosing, probably from the age of the tubing. Anyway, it looks like the leak is from below the front quarter panel. DOes anyone know how to replace the hosing? DO I need to remove the front quarter panel to get to it or how would I go about finding the line?


Anyone have schematics for it by chance? I have a Haynes repair manual but it doesn't show shit for taking the body panels off or where the washer hosing runs.



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Well jacked around with my car for a while tonight and actually no need to remove the quarter panel. Best way to do it if anyone needs in the future, take of the front wheel (which I didn't do, but would make it easier) and take off all the paneling in the wheel well. You have access to all kinds of wiring as well.
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