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Perrin Exhuast for 2005 3.0R

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Perrin mufflers will bolt directly to a stock Y pipe. But the tips will not sit nicely with your bumper that doesn't have rear cutouts. You will have to mod the bumper cover at the very least, possibly the bumper beam as well, as the perrin tips are quite large.


What other cars have you heard this setup on? The H6 motors tend to sound quite different from the 2.5 motors, especially if you have heard the setup on a 2.5 motor with ULHs.


Good luck.

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Not currently in stock :(

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Or this...



So Perrin or Grandor Titan sounds great to me and wondering if I get a muffler and tip set up will achieve this sound without affecting exhaust and throwing codes...this is my daily driver to work that I will throttle here and there on the freeway.

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If you are trying to achieve the same sound as a 2.5 liter Subaru, you will be disappointed. The 3.0 has 2 more cylinders, and they have their own unique sound. If you have a 3.0 Legacy, any exhaust from a 2.5 Legacy will fit. If you have a 3.0 Outback, the exhaust tips will need to "turn down" because the rear bumper doesn't have cut outs.
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Looking for Perrin exhaust for a 2005 3.0R...heard mufflers bolt directly to the Y , Is this true? Love the sound...want to find ones that bolt on...




what you want is the AVO outback mufflers with the turn-down tips. that will fit the outback

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Will this throw P0420 code from difference in backpressure?


A change in back pressure won't throw any codes.

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