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5 Spd Auto and Manual Box Difference

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In Malaysia, we only get the Legacy GT 2.0 in the 5spd automatic gearbox..


I might chase the option of getting a manual car a little harder but i thought id get some general information first..



I have some plans to modify this car.. and i wanted to know what the auto gearbox is good for in terms of torque and horsepower.


Is this gearbox relatively fragile compared to the manual?


What accounts for the little bit of power difference with the auto and the manual versions of the Legacy GT 2.0?


In the event of it breaking, how easy would it be to swap the transmission to say a STi 6spd or the Legacy GT 5 spd?

- Meaning is the ECU in both cars same? Maybe one incorporates the control unit for the transmission as well so swapping the transmission would mean u have to swap the ECu over as well?


And just some general stuff to and for the auto... im quite alright with the auto although id really like a manual...


Thanks alot in advance!

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Do a search for COBB AP discussion. There were comments that the ECU programming was different for the 5EAT vs 5MT. Probably applicable to your 2.0.


Given COBB had achieved some power gain on their own 5EAT 2.5 turbo, it's probably a pretty stout transmission. Assume it can handle 300hp, 300 lb*ft torque.

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forestir: Thanks alot for that..


When you say 300hp, do u mean at 4 wheels or at the crank?


If its at the crank, doesnt the Legacy 2.0GT already push around 250hp at the crank?


Will go look for that COBB AP discussion now! Thanks alot once again.. :)

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According to a magazine i read down here, the Legacy 5EAT Sportshift is a Prodrive designed transmission?


Can anyone confirm this?


Thanks a bunch and thats wukindada for the reassurance.. The 5EAT will make life a lil easier esp with the horrible traffic here.


Will eliminate that "left leg muscle bigger than right leg muscle" syndrome i dread so much!


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