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97 legacy will not start


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Looks like I have a friend with access to a computer that will read the codes off but it will be a few days before he gets here. Would still appreciate any help in them meantime.


I have had the car for over two years now. Put about 70000 on it myself. Best car I have ever owned. The bolts came out of the torque converter at one point but we fixed that. really would like to keep it on the road until we reach at least 300k. It is at 250 now. I never want to own anything but Subaru from here.


Thanks for any help.

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which engine, 2.2 or 2.5?

Been under the hood recently and maybe dislodged the iacv hose?

Timing correct?

Ignition fuses good?

There is a good troubleshooting guide in the fsm. Check in 2nd gen forum and download.



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