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No CEL but AP says otherwise?

New Sube Dude

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Ok, first some backdrop. So finally decided to go Stage 1. Absolutely stock besides Cobb stage 1 map. Had new map on for about a week and felt good and strong. No CEL's!! But after updating AP and deciding to connect the green test connectors to reflash the update, i happened to check for codes using the AP. Only then it shows 2 codes: p1152 & p1153. but if i disconnect the green test connectors i have no CEL nor does the AP show any codes what so ever?? Im assuming that my o2 Sensor bank 1, sensor 1 needs to be replaced but any reason why my car wont throw the CEL nor the AP unless the green connectors are connected? :confused: Any and all critisism welcomed!
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This is 100% normal. Normally it triggers 02 codes and two other codes.


The green connectors should only be together during flashing so no need for concern.




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