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4th Gen Suspension options?

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Hey all


I have a 2008 Legacy 2.5i that i would like to do a slight drop to. At all costs, i will not do coilvers, its just my personal preference here.


With that being said, what strut/spring combo's are out there that will fit my 2008 legacy? Id really like to do an RCE black spring drop, which gives you only like a 1 inch drop, which is what i really would like because it still keeps the height pretty functional. Every other spring i see out there gives you near a 2+ inch drop which i really dont want, since the car is a daily driver.


Ive done searching around but cant seem to find the answer i want here. What struts/springs are compatible from other years (if any). Example being... i did 2004 STI struts/RCE yellow springs on my old forester with some saggy butt spacers in the rear and i loved the slight drop and stock functionality of them (compared to BC BR coilovers, which were too harsh)

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