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new driver thinking about getting a thrid gen legacy gt limited


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so i'm 28. I have had horrible car luck. first car was a talon tsi got rod knock on my birthday after changing the oil. Got a dodge raider next paid to do the clutch they didn't change everything in the clutch so the shift points were all goofy because of a spring i beleive sold that. right now i got a honda civic dx 5 speed i cannot drive 5 speed and learning it is not an option as i need a car within a few weeks.


i got about 3 grand saved up i see a few legacys in my area






i don't have my lisence i have just never had to learn how to drive. i have driven but not around traffic just back roads or really late.


but i'm getting a promotion at my job. so getting a car soon is mandatory


i do want awd because of the snow and its what im used to driving.


but i hear head gaskets are a serious problem along with timing belts and that can creep up at 120 k miles. that really puts me off as that is not that long.


how much do normally head gaskets cost to do i'd be paying a shop. should i turn away or should i find another awd alternative. i really had my eye on a legacy gt limited for quite awhile


another question i'm seeing all kinds of pics of third gens in their thread and some with out the spoiler so that isn't a b4 or anything thats the gt limited just with the spoiler taken off?


i hope to hear some advice. I have found a mercedes 190 e for 1800 flat out with only 100 k on it.


i one day will learn the 5 speed on moms civic. but till now i want something auto and awd


i only make 15 k a year so affording a new engine or doing major engine work will set me back a few months.


hope to hear some good sound advice.

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I'm new to the forums but from what I've read, you don't want to buy a GT if you only have $3,000 saved up. Any high milage one you find for $3,000 will most likely give you problems and you'll end up needing a new motor which is going to cost upwards of $5,000+.


I suggest you look at the 3.0 H6 over the GT. And skip the Mercedes cuz it's going to kill you on repair costs. With $3,000 to spend, you should find a base model awd vehicle with lower miles and skip the limited or sport models.


Also if you have a few weeks to learn how to drive a manual, save your money and start learning. I had a 15 minute parking lot crash course with the dealer when I bought my first car and I drove the car home just fine. Sure you won't be a professional right away but a few weeks is PLENTY of time to learn

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yeah i'm definitely going to be making payments either way i go. i found an 02 h6 sedan thats about 5 grand after its all said and done.


Is there anyway other then the usual overheating signs that a headgasket is near to needing to be done on the legacy gt's. i could get the 2.2 if needed.


i just want awd card dont' care about speed i just want something i'm not going to have to sink another 2-3 grand into it soon as i'm done paying it off.


i have a 5 speed civic dx and i hate driving it. plus its my only car and i have no one to teach me. mom has real health issues so having a working car is a must. having thecivic down with a broken clutch is a no go. so i need to find something 5 grand ish i could have that paid off in 2 months. but if i have to i guess i could fork out another 2k on headgasket aslong as that car was going to last while i saved for the work to be done.


wont be doing anything crazy but driving like a normal person. i really wanted a gt legacy with hopes to do a sti swap or even a h6 swap someday. but if going h6 sedan is going to fit the bill better i might have to go that route.

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The 2.2 liter Subarus are solid, as long as you can find one that isn't super rusty. They go 200k miles and are really affordable. An 02 h6 sedan is a solid choice, too. I would avoid the 3rd gen Legacy GT with the 2.5 non-turbo, and I'd avoid the 4th gen turbo LGT (those are out of your price range anyways)
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I purchased a 2000 LGT with rod knock as a project car several years ago. I'm nearly positive that the previous owner didn't care about oil changes and just ignored all required maintenance. I got the car for just over $2,000 expecting to have to swap the motor out within days after purchase. I decided to drive it until it blew up then swap out the motor.


Crazy thing is I got nearly 40K miles and 2 years out of it! After the motor blew I lost interest in it and sold it for a few hundred less than I originally purchased it for.


In summary, this car sold me on subaru's. Look around for a good cheap (non turbo) legacy, pay cash, drive it until it blows up, the sell it lol.

Good luck. See below for my old 2000 and newer 2007 LGTs.





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How do i tell a non turbo legacy i thought gt limiteds and the ls are rhe same aside aside from rear diff. I found a 2003 h6 sedan with 144 k for 7 grand they said they would go down to 5.5 k with 2000 down. I do like the 98 99 legacy gts and there about 4 to 5 here. I wanted a gt mainly to do a sti swap maybe. I just wsnt the car to last aftwr its paid off for a few years years while i save for maybe an 05 08 sti
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Impreza RS are usually harder to find, and are usually a common choice for a wrx motor swap :p. If anything, try and find a decent H6 or 2.2 Subaru. I would avoid the legacy gt. They are very well known for not so great reliability, especially if you don't care of it. A common sign of a head gasket issue is usually black debris in the coolant (happened to my dad with his truck right after getting new tires, so I'm probably helping him with that project lol :p:spin:) and your oil looking like milk chocolate. If you see these signs, don't buy the car unless you get a good deal for the car and know a professional that can do the job right. Hope it helps :).
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so i'm 28. I have had horrible car luck...i don't have my lisence i have just never had to learn how to drive.

I got My lisence in my 90 talon tsi and renew it in friends trail blazer.

i dont hsve a lisence

I don't have any basis on which to believe anything you're posting. It hurts to read & the claims in your posts contradict each other.


hope to hear some good sound advice.

http://www.uber.com - seriously. If you don't have a license, you don't need to be behind the wheel of anything. And it doesn't sound as if buying and maintaining a car is the most fiscally-sound decision.


You don't need a car. You want a car. You need transportation. If you think money is tight now, wait until you buy a car, get pulled over for driving without a license and have to pay to get your shitbox out of impound.


Figure out another way to get around. 99% of the people on the road earned their license by practicing and passing a driving exam. No one is entitled to drive just because they want to. The same goes for purchasing & maintaining a car. A majority of us work for it and take pride in that fact.


Lastly, if you solicit advice and it's not what you want to hear, it's not because the folks posting are being mean to you. These forums represent, mostly, an aggregate voice of experience and reason.

Tits mcgee
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