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Steering issue?

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Just sucked out my power steering reservoir and topped off with clean fluid, I do it every once in a while to refresh the fluid.


now for the past 2 days while driving at various speeds and steering angle it feels as if I lose power steering and it goes super stiff, then comes back to normal.


Pump starting to fail?

rack binding?

contamination in the fluid?


any input would be great


117k original pump and rack,

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Check belt tension first. Then go to a parking lot and do slow figure-8s to purge any air from the system. If this works then you may have air leaking into the system. O-ring on the line at the top of the pump is the first place to check.


This is the easiest to do. If it doesn't fix the issue then you should start looking at other options.

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ras06LGT is on point. The cold/winter is probably exacerbating the PS issues too. I had the exact same symptoms - had to replace the belts, re-tension them, flushed the PS fluid, and swapped out the O-ring. No more issues whatsoever.
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I remember last winter when it was cold, I would have a hardtime steering till I drove a couple 100 ft. After a few figure 8's the problem never returned.


My rack was replaced 18 months before. After I bled the air out, never had a issue until last winter.


It's been fine since.

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Did about 25 miles last night, and my morning commute of 14 this morning, 0* weather.


Steering has never felt better!! new o ring makes a huge difference at cold start with initial power steering. and with 1qt of fresh fluid flushed through the system, the pump is silent and feels great.


I don't think the steering felt this smooth at any point ive owned her. I have done numerous other turkey baster suck out reservoir and replace, but doing all the fluid at once was the winning ticket!!


thank you everyone for your tips and tricks. total time for repair: 3min for O-ring, approx. 20 minute to swap fluid.

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