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Center Console Rattling??

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I figured I'd share some knowledge with my Legacy family lol


Does your center console shake and vibrate? Are you ****ing sick and tired of the noise?!:mad: Well ladies and gents I have a tip for you! :lol:


Step 1:

Take a screw out of the console where the arm rest connects to the lift assembly. (Large red circle in image)


Step 2:

Pick up about a dozen neoprene washers that fit snug around the screw. (Pictured)


Step 3:

Unscrew the 4 screws that hold the two parts of the arm rest together. (Numbers 3 & 4)


Step 4:

Unscrew the 4 screws that hold the extender to the base. (Number 6)


Step 5:

Place a washer on each screw and reassemble. Make sure the screw is tight almost compressing the washer the whole way. If you still have vibration or noise do the same on the latch screws (Number 2) and see if it stops.



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I had some squeaks in mine, so I completely disassembled it and 'glued' the two halves of the drink holder together with non-hardening gasket maker. Should come apart if need be, and no more squeaks in that part! Still a little bit where the cup holder attaches to the top part and where the top part connects to the sides.
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