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Visually Identify Up Pipe

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So I have a 2005 Outback XT that I bought used in December. While doing my first oil change the other day I noticed that my down pipe isn't stock - it's a CNT down pipe so my question is, can you visually identify an up pipe? I want to know if my UP has a catalytic converter in it or not.




I bought a used catless 07 STI UP to install, but I'm wondering if the UP currently installed is catless meaning I won't have to go through with the install and I can just resell the UP I bought. I went to remove the heat shield for the UP to take a look at it, but couldn't get a couple bolts off with the tools I had with me. Since I couldn't get the heat shield off I wasn't able to see if it was aftermarket or get a picture of it.

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i know this is offtopic a bit, but do you have a tune for that downpipe? if not you need that ASAP or else you are hurting your engine


as for the uppipe, does the one on the car have a heatshield on it? this is what a stock one looks like.


you can kinda see the bulge for the cat in the heatshielding


I'm not sure if it has been tuned for it or not. Maybe if the previous owner did but I'm not sure. I was already planning on tuning it once I installed the catless UP I picked up. The dealership I bought the car from sent the car to a Subaru dealership to take care of a misfire issue. Would they possibly re-flash the ECU to the stock tune? The dealership selling me the car broke a spark plug and coil pack connector when installing new spark plugs and on top of that installed the wrong plugs.


I didn't get a good look at the UP to see since there was still a heat shield or something in the way.


The STi OEM catless up has a flex section in it, which is why it's got that bulge that looks like a cat. I would maybe see about getting close enough to compare any markings or part numbers on the two pieces.


I think I saw part of the UP that would possibly be the flex section. It looked like the section on the UP towards the left side (by the connection with the studs) in this picture I found. The catted UP wouldn't have a section that looks like that, would it?




The bulge is much smaller on the sti pipe. Just compare your sti one with the other and see if it looks different.


Thanks for the help everyone! I'll let you guys know what I find once I get the heat shield or whatever it is off to inspect the UP.

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All the OEM ones basically look like they have a cat in them. I'm not sure what that UP is from . . Haven't seen one like that before.

That's a STI up with the heat shield removed.

Yep, that's correct it's an STI UP with the heat shield removed.


Does the sti up pipe have an egt probe? If it doesn't, that'd be an immediate easy way to tell.

It does not have an egt probe.


I pulled the STI UP I bought out of the box and it definitely doesn't have the EGT bung. I looked at where I believe the EGT hooks up to the wiring harness (picture of what I found is below). It's the gray connector with orange in the middle, correct?



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Correct. Mine is covered with electrical tape to hide the 2.2kohm resistor. A stage one tune should eliminate the cel as well.


There doesn't appear to be a resistor in place on my car (the last picture I posted was from my car) and there is no CEL for me. I guess the car must have a tune and a catless UP then?

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