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What's my car worth??

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Not sure if this is the correct forum for this but here goes.


Tossing around the idea of selling my lgt and just can't nail down a price point. The car is a bit of an oddity.


2005 Legacy GT Wagon unlimited.

Mileage 132xxx

Manual trans

STi gauge pack

Momo pedals, steering wheel, shift knob.


The car is in great shape, I'm the 3rd owner and all 3 were enthusiast. I have crazy amount of maintenance records for all 3, always synthetic and the best of care. The car needs nothing and has lots of new parts. Only mods are cat-back exhaust and cobb stage 1.


The curve ball is that the front bumper has been replaced twice. Airbags never deployed, Both incidents were low speed parking lot type deals. Both show up on carfax. Without prior knowledge one would never know.


What's your thoughts?

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Look it up on NADA or Kelly Blue Book to get the fair market price based on condition and mileage. Then add or subtract based on the value of the mods on the car and the "unicorn" factor of rarity. If you don't get any action or interest, then you know that you are asking too much and should lower your price. If you get a flood of calls and offers, you know you could get more for it.
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If it was repaired properly afterwards, it really shouldn't. If you have pictures of the damage, and maybe receipts for the work that was done, that will go a long way to providing transparency and disclosure for the potential buyers.
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It shouldn't matter as long as it still has a clean title and was repaired professionally.


I'd probably start at $8,999. The clean 5mt wagons with black interior sell pretty quick.


The Sti gauges with sensors are worth $500+ in good condition btw.

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