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HyperRev #88

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You get nicer pics off the company's internet page anyways. Everything is in Japanese, and no, there is no stickers with the mook. In the parts section, there is a lot of older models stuff, but not much newer model coverage in the parts section. There is a nice wheels comparison section, where they installed 20+ wheels on wagon and sedan to show you what they look like on the car. They also list the size and offset for them.


Its nice to flip thru...but once you realize you can't get any of those parts without donating a kidney for shipping....

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Our car is in the next issue! So there, you have an excuse to buy it!!!

I'm a bit late to the party, but I just picked up this issue last night. I noticed some of your stuff was missing, and that made me sad...Now I'll have to get the next one. :)

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Can any of you guys with a copy check the exhaust section to see if there's a single-mullfer catback/axelback muffler for the new turbo BL/BP's?


I started this post on NASIOC earlier today:



I was wondering if there were different alternatives to buying a dual-muffler exhaust. TIA!



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