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Overheating Mystery - Advice Needed

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To start, I have an 07 with 150k miles on it. The Head Gaskets were replaced almost 2 years ago.


That being said, my car is overheating rapidly once up to operating temperature. Once the temp gets up, I look under the hood and antifreeze is all over the front drivers side of the engine compartment.


I cannot find any leaks. I've replaced the Thermostat and Radiator cap. Water Pump was replaced the same time as the Head Gaskets. I'm going to be testing the radiator today with a Radiator Pressure Tester and a Block Tester.


When I run the car at normal temperature with the cap off I don't see any bubbles coming up out of the radiator.


I'm thinking (dreading) that I'll have to put in another set of head gaskets.


Has anyone had the same experience or advice?

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Also check the oil cooler hard pipe on the bottom of the front of the engine. They can also rust and create pinhole leaks.


Is it possible that you have an air bubble in your engine from the head/waterpump replacement that is causing your overheating?

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The reservoir tank was at full.


OK, well, keep an eye on that level. If the reservoir is overflowing and causing the overheating, you may either have a bubble in your system, or, you have a blown HG again.


When you first start it in the morning, is the reservoir level lower or still at full?

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Yeah the fans are working. I gave in and pulled the heads. Drivers side head gasket looks like it failed between the cylinder and coolant jacket. So it was pushing exhaust into the coolant system. I got the heads milled. They took about 6 thousandths off. I'm going to finish putting the intake back on tomorrow.


Thanks for the advice everyone.

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