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cheapest method to get a protune


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I don't mean I wanna spend the least possible for a protune. But I do want to know the cheapest method to be able to get a protune. I recently bought a spec b 08. has a catless down pipe, and full spt catback. But unless the car has a married tune left on it. Im pretty sure I running these parts with no tune. I do no have the stock parts. What do I do? I am tight on money. Anyone have a stock downpipe ? maybe that's my cheapest remedy to save my car? will my spt catback bolt to a stock down pipe?
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With an 08 it unfortunately means that you need a Tactrix cable or a COBB accessport to tune.


Who did you buy the car from? they should be able to tell you if their is a tune on it.


Protune done by a shop is typically in the $400 - $500 range

Tactrix (170) + etune (175) = $345

Cobb access port + etune Usually the access port alone is around $400


The SPT will mate to a stock downpipe.

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Going back to a stock DP will be the cheapest method (provided the car doesn't actually have a tune on it - need to find that out if possible).


Plenty of evidence on here that the stock tunes are less than ideal, so you're better off getting a tune anyways.

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