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Rust starting

Kevin H.

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I have a 2006 Spec B. I still love the car. It currently has 166,000 miles. A problem has been getting worse, and I don't know how to fix/stop it.


The seam sealer at the bottom of the driver door is failing. This is the only place I have found out of place rust on the body. I first noticed the problem at about 50k miles.


I've tried to put automotive primer over the area any time I saw evidence of rust. However, the problem keeps getting worse.


Does anyone have any solutions?


Thank you,


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I was looking at trying Eastwood Fast Etch Rust Remover or just keep spraying WD-40 behind the seam.


Of everything on the Subaru, the paint is my biggest complaint. The clear coat is also failing on all the door handles because the factory coat was too thin :-(

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feel your pain was just washing my baby down and I found this



Its only on the drivers door lower seam but its coming from the inside out my car has crazy low miles and usually I am alone. I believe this is from the frameless doors and the inevitable wear and tear on the window guides and whether striping. Windows sag, weather striping relaxes and in comes the water.


I wont let this hurt my baby I will fight and I WILL WIN

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I purchased this:



It applies very thin. The tube could be used to get inside your door. I don't recommend doing that with the window down.


I sprayed it along the bottom seam of the door where the problem was. It seemed to get in behind the seam sealer. It did take a few days to fully dry, but I applied it during the winter. On the surface, it was dry to the touch.


I'm hopeful that it works long term.

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Lower door seam is classic rust area. There is always going to be moisture inside the doors. When it gets below freezing the water in the bottom expands and repeatedly over time will open up the seam and let more water in. Add road salt to the moisture in the door and it will accelerate it. If you have your car rustproofed every year you won't get any of this.
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