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Looking for PN for 5MT linkage part


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For my 05 GT. It's the piece made up up two sleeves welded into a cross. One is totally seized. Probably why the shifter shaft seal was leaking.


I'm trying to get the car back together. I think my dealer may actually be some kind of group home in disguise. The other day I had to come up with numbers for the axle seals because they couldn't handle that task.


So, anybody got a part number for this? Or, better yet, an online source? I can't find anything but I don't actually know what it's called, so that makes searching a bit hard.


I'd really appreciate any help.

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Here you go, just bought one, now trying to find some sort of instructions on how to install it.






In that pic, #1 is a double roll pin. Knock the inner one out, then knock the outer one out. They are tight. Also remove bolt #9. At that point it should be removed.

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