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Good quality spacers?


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I would have used the search because I figure this has been asked, but it isn't working for me. I'm just curious as to what would be a good set of spacers to get for my car with stock wheels? I don't know much about them, but I don't want to get anything super cheap that will crack when I hit a bump.
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best - don't use one

better - hub centric spacer, it's just a piece of aluminum


Unless you are talking about bolt on spacer/adapter, then look into how the stud is pressed into the spacer


after investing in some good spacer, you are half way there for a set of wheels.

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Is spacers cracking a prevalent problem? I really don't know. And I don't know whether it would be catastrophic if they did. I suspect not.


The use of any wheel spacer puts additional strain on the hubs/bearings. So it's best to try to keep them as thin as possible. So your first step, I would think, is to figure out what would put the wheels flush with the car. Also... consider using longer studs versus installing spacers with studs pressed in.

Tits mcgee
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check out these folks




they use alcoa aluminum (semi truck wheels) and made in the good ole United states of America!. i have these and use them on my stockers to clear brembo's. I dont track or drive aggressivly; i understand that it strains the bearings


(humble brag photos for you)



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