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Did I forget anything?

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I read most of the threads, my timing belt replacement parts list.


OEM Belt,WP/gasket, thermostat/gasket, idler pulleys, tensioner, LWCP,

Upper/Lower radiator hoses, Accs. Belts + Turkeylords T.:)


Opinions on Camshaft seals, if there not leaking leave them?


I'm not doing this myself so whatever should be done while it's apart. I would appreciate any recommendations. Car has 92.5 k.



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If cam seals aren't leaking I'd leave em. Sometimes the cam bolts don't like to come out and that's just a whole new headache.


Agree with this ^^^


If your OCI are good, and I know they are, and you use good oil and good filters, then the seals will just stay good. You always have a chance to make something not work if you do have to change it, so the old saying is "if it works, leave it alone".



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