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Help with color--twilight blue? Carbide gray?


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I recently signed on the dotted line to purchase a new 2015 legacy 2.5i limited in twilight blue. Unfortunately, I visited the dealership in late evening, so lighting was poor. My first choice was actually venetian red, but the dealer is pretty cleared out and didn't have a limited in venetian red, and I need a car fast as my last car was totaled and I'm in a rental.


This is my first subaru.


Although I signed on the dotted line to reserve this car, I haven't picked it up yet, and imagine I might be able to negotiate with the dealer if I change my mind about the color.


Here is my question: how blue is carbide gray? Is it just a faint hint of blue or would it really pass for a blue/gray? And does twilight blue read as a true blue/gray or does it look more like a flat medium blue? Although I fell in love with venetian red, I do like blue-gray cars, just not medium blue metallics (e.g., I do not like the look of quartz blue on the Forester). I love the look of twilight blue in these images http://www.cars101.com/subaru/legacy/legacy2015photos1.html Is that accurate, twilight blue owners?

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Thanks so much for your support everyone. I didn't have any luck finding a red one, but I realized I hadn't seen the twilight blue in daylight because I went shopping close to dusk. So I went back and looked at it in person, and I'm actually quite happy with it. I checked out the carbide gray, and as grays go, it is a great color. I usually don't go for gray cars, but I did like that color, too. I think I prefer the twilight though.
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