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Thoughts on this roof spoiler?


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Not looking to get flamed here but I am a fan of certain style roof spoilers. I have been having issues locating one made for the legacy that has the look I'm going for.


A former member here, brooklyngenius, was a bit secretive with his setup, however after stalking the hell out of his posts here, on nasioc, and a few others thanks to google I think I've been able to track it down.


I contacted the vendor to get detailed measurements and it appears the spoiler will take only minor fabrication to get it to fit.


See attached for pics of the Altima spoiler and Brooklyn's LGT.



AIT Racing Roof Spoiler for 2008-2009 Nissan Altima Sedan

Model: na07bmdsrrw4c






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I thought brooklyngenius' roof spoiler was dope, but I couldn't find any additional info on it, and ended up going with a SpoilerKing eBay roof spoiler. It looks great, but I'd love to see how the modified Altima spoiler comes out. Awesome sleuthing on your part.
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I thought brooklyngenius' roof spoiler was dope, but I couldn't find any additional info on it, and ended up going with a SpoilerKing eBay roof spoiler. It looks great, but I'd love to see how the modified Altima spoiler comes out. Awesome sleuthing on your part.


Nice, mind posting a photo of your spoiler installed?

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Spoiler has arrived! I went ahead and cut some lexan to use as a 1/4" riser to allow the spoiler to lift up high enough for a clean mount. I purposely made the lexan longer than needed to I can see where it looks best, the final fitment will be much cleaner.


Right now I'm using mounting tape for test fitting but once I find a decent placement I'll cut down the lexan and epoxy it together.


Thoughts so far?




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I haven't had a lot of time to mess with this, but here the current update. I'm not happy with the fitment with 1/4" lexan so I'm bumping it up to 3/8". I've checked locally with no avail so I had to order a sheet online.


Good news it that it does not appear that any work will need to be done to the spoiler other than epoxying it to the lexan risers. :)

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Got the 3/8" lexan in this weekend and spent some time in the garage fabricating a template. To make mounting easier I decided against a simple rectangular riser and opted for a cut out that would fit the curves of the rear window. That way I could use the riser to line up the spoiler and not have to worry about fine measurements during final mounting.


After test fitting using a foam template, I traced the outline onto lexan and cut it out using a jigsaw fitted with a metal blade. I then heated the lexan using a propane torch until it was malleable and curved it to the slight bend in the rear window. See attached picture which shows the 1/8" or so gap at the top half of the lexan before it was heat formed.


I scuffed up the lexan, drilled a few holes to help give the epoxy more bite, then attached them onto the rear window using glass & plastic epoxy. While the epoxy was curing I started working on the spoiler. I traced the templates on the bottom of the spoiler, taped on the outside of the lines and scuffed it up a bit. As I did with the lexan, I drilled a few holes to ensure a stronger bond with the epoxy.


After the lexan was fully cured to the rear window, I was able to easily line up the spoiler and epoxy it to the risers. You'll need two people, blue painters tape, and some weights to hold the spoiler in place.


I'm going to let this all cure up for 48 hours before giving the spoiler a good tug to check for strength. If all is mounted well I will be filling in the inside gaps with window weld (black liquid polyurethane) to clean up the lines a little bit more and act as my towing chains in case the epoxy decides to break loose.


I'll try to make an 8 1/2 x 11" scaled PDF print out of the template for anyone else interested in this project.



-Lexan polycarbonate clear sheet 3/8" x 6" x 6": http://www.ebay.com/itm/200939341840

-Blue painters tape



Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for anyone who decides to mount their spoiler using this method. If your spoiler flies off the car it's not my fault. :hide:








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I've attached a printable template PDF.



1) Save PDF and Open with Adobe Reader

2) Select Print

3) Under options be sure to select Actual Size (see screenshot below)

4) Print and verify dimensions using attached images

5) Cut on the inside of the black lines and you now have your template for both sides. (flip over for other side)


Enjoy :)

Spoiler Template.pdf




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