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Overheated, problems followed.

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Bought a 97 outback it had cracked ringlands. Dropped an ej25d I had sitting around. Drove great for about 2 weeks then it overheated and shut down. I drove it about 1 mile the next day to try to get it home because I thought it was just a radiator hose had gotten disconnected. Reconnected the hose and tried to drive home after filling the radiator.


Shut down again but it was running extremely rich before it shut down this second time. Billowing gas out of the tail pipe. Replaced the water pump (I think the thermometer on the old one was stuck closed which caused the overheating).


Now it will turn over but not start. Oil looks like chocolate milk which means it's mixing with coolant. Also when idling, water would shoot out of the radiator cap if the cap was off. Still runs rich (started a few time after water pump but didn't drive it, still burning so much gas). All these problems started after overheating. My current guess is warped heads. It would explain the coolant mixing with oil. It would explain the water shooting out of the radiator as the compression is going through the radiator as well.


Head gaskets were replaced 5k miles ago on the engine currently in the car.


So what do you guys think? Warped head?

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Warped head and block surface, what probably happened was the first time around they skipped on checking the block for trueness and did the heads with the engine in the car. You have a catastropic failure now.


You might as well plan to rebuild or replace that EJ25D, sadly.

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