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Flywheel Bolts? non Hex??


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Hey everyone,

So im in the process of buying everything to change my clutch. at this point im just missing the bolts and i was going to reuse my OEM bolts. however i hear there is a different type of head on it. instead of it being a T50 hex its something like a 6mm bolt? anyone know of these bolts and if so where can i find um and buy um? i called my local dealer and they dont have a clue of what im talking about



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I reused my stock torx FW bolts twice. The torx bolts are very hard to source, so don't strip them. It took me awhile to find a supplier who actually had 1 of them in stock, and it was such a PITA, I ordered a bunch. I might have one or two laying around should you damage one, but I just moved over the summer and I'd have to track it down.


I know from experience the hex bolts would not work for me, but I have a Spec LWFW.

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You have a 2007, you have hex head bolts that hold the FW to the crankshaft.


2005-2006 have T50+ torx bolts.


I can't remember what size the PP bolts are, but they are a common bolt head.

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