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Bosal headers

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Looking to possibly replace my headers since I'm now smelling exhaust coming up from under the hood. If I'm at a stop and have my air vents drawing from outside, the car quickly smells like exhaust inside the cabin. I've tried to find the leak with "obvious" methods: listening for loud exhaust noise (but can't find any) and I can't find any leaks when turning the car on when it's really cold out side and looking for "steam". The headers are still the original ones so after nearly 17 years, it may be good time to change them out.


So, I've seen that folks have used the generic eBay headers for our cars, and they generally fit ok but with some effort. However, is anyone using this Bosal one? I know Bosal is one of the manufacturers for Subaru; I used to have their SPT exhaust on my STI and was really impressed with the fitment and quality. Hoping the same here.




My quick search in the forum didn't pull anything up with anyone using Bosal headers, so if anyone is using this, would appreciate thoughts, particularly on easy of installation and if you'd had it a while, how well it's been holding up.

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Good god, the design looks even worse than the stock n/a header!
Obligatory '[URL="http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/2008-gh8-238668.html?t=238668"]build thread[/URL]' Increased capacity to 2.7 liters, still turbo, but no longer need spark plugs.
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