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Brake Calipers - Help!

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Supposed to help my brother move today and came out to my Legacy L this morning. Leakiing brake fluid on right front. These are single pot calipers. Does anyone know if the 2-pots are a direct replacement? I planned on digging into this in the spring, but I'm now in a bind and part stores are closing early and tomorrow. I already need to replace caliper and pads (fluid soaked). So Might as well do the upgrade ad replace both calipers.


Also, do the 2-pot clear the factory 14" wheels? I have 14" with snows for winter.


Any info is greatly appreciated!

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Also, do the 2-pot clear the factory 14" wheels? I have 14" with snows for winter.


if you replace the caliper you must also replace the rotors.

and no, the 14" wheels will not clear the 2 pot calipers.


buy a used caliper and install it .

then do the upgrade in the spring.


is the caliper leaking?

or the flexible brake hose?

or the metal brake line?

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Thanks for the quick response. Yes, upgrade would be rotors/pads/calipers. I meant at minimum I have to do calipers and pads, hence why not upgrade. Shame 2 pots won't clear the 14" wheels.


I'll get on the horn and make some calls for a caliper. I have not pulled the wheel yet. It's seeping down from the center, so I suspect caliper. Either way I might be pulling the hose as well. The bleed screw and hose where frozen when I attempted to bleed the brakes 2 months ago.

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This doesn't directly answer your question(s), but...


This summer I replaced the both front calipers, pads, and rotors on my car. I put the links to the parts I purchased/installed. See post 3919. http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/did-you-do-your-2nd-generation-subaru-todayi-v2-200437p262.html


They've held up/worked great!

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what 2 pots?


for the WRX ones you'll need the caliper brackets also


So Legacy L's have a single piston caliper, caliper piston sits in the "pot" where the brake fluid is held. One piston = one pot. The outback's and forester's have a two pot setup and generally regarded as an upgrade from the one pot setup. The later WRX's have 4 pot setups, however with factory drums the 4 pots would make my old Lego wagon brake like a wild mule.


As for an update, need two new calipers. Bleed screw sheared clean off on the "good side". Since I am in a pinch to keep my winter ride on the road, I've purchased two reman's calipers from advance auto. They came with new pins and boots. This was honestly more cost and time efficient then rebuilding the originals. Net price was $60 a side after some slick internet discounts.


As I've now vested more money then I wanted into the original setup, I won't be doing a 2 pot upgrade in the spring. :-( I did however pick up red caliper paint. Since I'm stuck with these, and the calipers are new/clean, I painted them. No regrets.



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This uses a two piston sliding front caliper and there are three caliper/bracket designs. One for the 91-94 Legacy SS/TW, an early Legacy 2.5GT/Impreza RS bracket (~96-99), and a Later RS/GT bracket (03+). It's possible to exchange some of these calipers onto taller WRX brackets as long as the pad shapes match.


91-94 Legacy turbo

96-01 Legacy GT

96-01 Outback

00-04 Legacy non-GT

98+ Impreza RS/TS/2.5i

98+ Forester

Some non-us BRZ/FRS/86 models.




This is the WRX front rotor. It uses a two piston sliding front caliper or the Subaru fixed 4-pot. The sliding caliper, bracket, and pad were changed in 03 and that's something you need to be aware of when upgrading from RS brakes or purchasing pads. The 4-pots are only on the 06-07 WRX in the US, though they were on many older non-US STis and WRXes (the black calipers with Subaru across them). Generally 16" wheels are required with these brakes but there are some 15" wheels out there that work. Also 16x6.5 Subaru wheels do not clear 4-pots.


01 Legacy GT LTD?

02-04 Legacy GT

05-09 Legacy non-gt *

01-09 Outback

02+ Impreza WRX (including 08, which uses 2-pots)

03+ Forester



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