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All cylinders misfiring, please help me

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Hello, I recently did an engine swap in my buddy's 1999 outback. The donor engine was from a 1996 that ran well until the car got rear ended and was taken off the road. Even with a bad rear end the motor still ran great, just trying to eliminate it as me throwing in a bad engine from the get-go. I did however put the intake manifold from the 1999 back on the 1996 motor. Upon completion, I had p0106 (manifold absolute barometric pressure) and a p0135 o2 sensor codes. The car ran great though. the next two days the car continued to run great until it started to lose power and now all 4 cylinders are misfiring. the car will sometimes stall at idle even. brand new coil, plugs and wires... new knock sensor. I am dumbfounded. current codes: p0106, p0135, p0301, p0302, p0303, p0304.


Thank you!



i also ohmed out the resistance in the tps, seemed good. i got 4.5 volts at the pressure sensor and it consistently dropped when vacuum was applied. i jumped the pressure solenoid and it clicked for me. i replaced all the vacuum lines... i am stumped. think it jumped timing? i seriously doubt it because it ran so well for 2 days. oh yea and it immediately stalls when i unplug the maf so I'm 99% thats good too.


Thank you again, I posted this in subaruoutback.com and after 100 views I got no responses

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Check the igniter on the firewall. See if you are getting 12v in the run position. Can check this at the coil input.

This is best replaced with a junkyard part as they seldom go bad and are expensive from the dealer.

Hope you still have the timing gears from the 99. This may be your issue.



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po106 and p0135 are both circuit problems.

look for damaged wiring,

open the main engine harness connectors on the rear of the engine and check the pins in side.


clear these 2 codes and restart the engine.

if the codes come back right away,

they are not connected? maybe.

instead of bad or poorly functioning parts


it is not the cats..

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