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Steam Cleaned Leather Seats

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This would be the first REAL interior clean job I did on my "newly" purchased 08' 3.0R Limited. With the beige seats, I noticed dark creases forming on the vinyl edges of the seats and the leather inserts were becoming shinny and darkened with grime. I felt so motivated I then did it on the parents Benz.


I used a crappy Shark brand Fabric Steamer (for ironing) and throw a towel over the head and mannnnn did that work wonders on the leather. I ended up with 2 brown towels once I was done. AND THAT'S JUST THE LEATHER INSERTS!


I didn't use it on the vinyl trim and sides because it seamed like it was destroying the vinyl. Instead I made a concoction of warm water, degreaser, all purpose cleaner concentrate, and a couple drops of Woolite. With my spray bottle I just misted and scrubbed with a soft brush and then wiped clean with a clean towel. Conditioned the leather with Meguiars Leather Conditioner and the vinyl/plastic trim and vinyl parts on the seat with Armor All Protectant (Matte finish).


I'm so taken away how effective the steamer was with a towel over it. No chemicals, no damage, just that factory matte bright look of the leather returned.


I'm going to do this on my parents 2000 Toyota Avalon! I forgot pictures but when I do the Toyota I will give you all a pictorial update! :)


Merry Christmas and Happy New Years everyone!!!

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Just finished the Toyota. Went through 3 Towels... Blackened on both sides.




The brighter, less shiny part is the restored leather. It is not necessary to condition but I did anyways with Meguiar's. Oil and grime creates a hard shiny layer on the leather that eventually cracks. When that cracks, it can make deeper cracks through the leather. All that is necessary to upkeep the processed leather in cars is to clean that layer away. The steam did wonders.

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