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Do you think these speakers will fit?


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My drivers door speaker is blown. And I found these in my garage. When I removed my door card before the speakers only looked about 4" or so. I'm guessing Id need to remount these?http://tapatalk.imageshack.com/v2/14/12/23/b62b974202a0eaeb7637deb151584971.jpg
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Stock speakers are 6.5"... i wouldn't go smaller. Technically you could make a custom mount and throw them in there- yes.


I wouldn't do it because:

1) you'll lose bass

2) they'll be quieter (stock speakers have a high sensitivity rating)

3) since they aren't component speakers (tweeters and woofer separate) the stock tweeters will be of no use and therefore throw off your soundstage


My suggestion:

If you want an cheap upgrade without doing the whole equalizer/amp gig, just get some really high sensitivity 6.5" components and sell the ones you found in the garage.


If you were happy with the stock, buy some used stockers. I'll sell you mine from my 08' if you want.

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I have Polk Audio DB6501's being driven by a Precision Power 900.5 5-channel amp. The amp pumps 70 watts per channel. Between my HU and amp I have a Audio Control Equalizer (LCQ-1) to counter the factory equalizing for the stock speakers and to counter the "loudness" effect.


The stock speakers will give you the best bass output if you just want to run off the head unit.

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There's a measurement of efficiency. Stock speakers are often one of the most efficient. What that means is, given that the stock speaker is driven at a nominal RMS of 15 watts from the head unit, at 15 watts the stock speaker will play much louder than speakers of a lower efficiency rating. It's not that the stock speakers won't be able to hit low frequencies or even play accurate (sound good)... They just happen to be able to take best use of the little power give to them. Basically your stock speakers are like efficient LED bulbs and the ones you found in the garage are incandescent bulbs. Sure they'll turn on and work, but they use so much more energy that you just aren't giving them.


Find some 6.5" component alternatives with really high efficiency ratings, like upward of 94db like Focals or something or a used set of stocks. Orrrr get some better component speakers, get an amp, and enjoy.

Hope that helps.

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