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HVAC damper position controls is CRAZY


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Hey all

A while ago I've started noticing that when i press the HVAC damper position button and set it to "feet" or mixed "face/feet" it doesn't work as it should.

It starts making a ticking sound like the valve/damper has trouble changing to the desired position.

When i change it to "feet only" it keeps all the wents open and i feel the air coming through the center vents too, when it should only come from the side vents and the button ones.

Has anyone come across such a thing?



I have the dual zone climate control HVAC.



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This thread shows the part in question and how to fix it if you have the patience.


I recently pulled the driver's side blend actuator out and refurbished it (regressed the gears, pulled the copper contacts out to increase the tension on the sensor, hit the tips of the contacts with 1000 grit sandpaper, and cleaned the sensor). Before I did this, the actuator was constantly clicking...now it works perfectly and is silent again.

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