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AM Radio failure-FM ok

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I had this whole Doc Brown, time travel, FM being around since the late 1930's joke brewing, but I just couldn't make it solid lol.


But in all seriousness, I know people still listen to AM for sports and news. Most likely your antenna amplifier is shot. It's not entirely unheard of for this to go and be able to retain FM.

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Here's one for sale on ebay.




I don't know what year/model you have.


The add says for 05-09, but that's ebay for you. Seeing as this says Clarion on the unit, I would assume that it will only work with the later model HU that were made by Clarion. I don't know this though. You might want to contact your local dealer for the correct part number and price and then google the crap out of it for a used one. Can't imagine this part would be anymore than this from a junk yard.


*And in full disclosure, without physically being able to diagnose your issue, this suggestion is an educated guess only.

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