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Vibration under braking (slight at hwy speeds)

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I bought my car, 97 Legacy Outback, on ebay.

Which had Horrible braking vibration when I first got it.

Being a mechanical engineer,

I decided to do a complete over haul of all 4 brake calipers.

Completely cleaned, all new seals, gaskets, etc.

Brand new centric rotors, Stop Tech Pads, properly bed in.

And the vibration is still there!


Where should I look first....

wheel bearings, ball joint, control arm bushings, tie rod bushings, steer rack bushings?

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Sounds like your brakes are solid. Check your alignment. I had a really bad vibration with one of my 98 LGTs when I first bought it. Turns out the rear wheels were both toed-out, one ridiculously so. Fixed the alignment, rotated the tires, all good.
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I know my alignment is out of wack, just by looking at it.

I plan on putting 02-07 WRZ KRB GR2/Excel-G Struts and 04 STI springs on it

in the very near future.

Since its on jackstands right now for new shift linkage, tranny mount, and tranny crossmember bushings.

Will have alignment done after that.

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if you accelerate hard, up a hill, does the steering wheel want to wobble?

if you take your hands off of it for a bit, does it wobble or vibrate?


i read, and did not believe, that cheap axles could contribute to wobble/vibration when driving, braking, accelerating.

so maybe you should check your axles.

subaru axles have a green inner cup, the big piece right next to the trans.

after market could be any color, but black and ''no paint'' are common.

there is one quality rebuilder that uses blue.


i don't understand how a bad outer CV joint could cause the wheel to wobble, but maybe.

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