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"ER HC" message

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I just bought a 2005 Outback with the 2.5.


The car wont crank over because of the high speed CAN communication error.


The previous owner left a new ECU in the car and he also replaced the starter/battery wiring harness. I dont know if he had the ECU programmed but I installed it and the car still doesnt crank.


The temp gauge is pegged at high.


I dont hear the fuel pump cycle on.


I've reseated the bulkhead, checked all the grounds, checked the battery, the green connector near the ECU is unplugged, etc.


The CEL is NOT on nor does it flash while cycling the ignition. No blinking cruise light either. Could be the bulb?.. but I tried taking the instrument cluster apart but it obviously doesnt come apart all the way.



So the CEL is NOT on but I have 3 codes:


P1709 throttle position sensor circuit high input: the input signal circuit of accelerator pedal position sensor is shorted


P1714 throttle position sensor power supply circuit: the power supply circuit of accelerator pedal position sensor is open or shorted


P1718 can communication circuit

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"ER HC" and the owner "left a loose ECU in the car" sounds like the ECU is bricked. Go to the passenger floorboard where the carpet goes up and stop. Pull it back and make sure the 2 green connectors aren't still connected.
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I had that error happen on my 05' GT but not the additional codes.


What happened to me was the turbo wastegate bracket or heatshield bracket cut into the engine harness by passenger firewall and shorted some wires for me.


repaired the ecu harness wire then replaced a blown fuse in the box under the hood.

Fuse was shaped one like this: http://contentinfo.autozone.com/znetcs/product-info/en/US/bsm/BP-FLF-30-RP/image/3/


Car started fine afterwards.


Also while researching before finding that was the issue, seems that the ECU under the passenger seat carpet gets wet from either leak through firewall or maybe condensation. My ECU cover was a bit rusty on the bottom and inside rust was working its way towards the edge of circuit board, so it could be that too.

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