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Suggestion for small floor jack and jack stands

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2005 Legacy GT Wagon. Stock height now but may get HR springs

-Garage, or flat paved driveway

-Use: basic oil changes, working on brakes, wheel changes, tire rotations


I'm looking for suggestions for a small floor jack and jack stands that work well with the Legacy and pinch welds. I'd probably get one of these pinch weld adapters: http://www.inapinchweld.com/ so I could jack at the weld.


I know that a small jack may limit the capability to jack from the rear differential or the front center jack point.


For jack stands, I'd like one with a V-shape for use at the pinch weld. Most seem to be flat bottomed.


I do have ramps but don't care for them very much. I'm leaning towards a smaller jack just due to space considerations. Locally, I have Harbor Freight, TSC, Walmart, Sears, Pep boys and have Amazon prime.

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I have 2 of the floor jacks from HF at my place, My son has the old heavy steel Craftsman jack and black stands that came as a set for $99.00, bought that over 10 years ago, best jack I ever owned. He also has one of the HF jacks. We also both have the little $29.00 trolley jack for a back up when needed.


Not to picky about stands, I must have 20 or so between the two of us. I still have 8 of the old slide tube and pin style from the 1970's.


For most of us the HF stuff is a great bargun.


I realy like having 2 floor jacks. Makes doing lots of things much easier, like jacking the car up enough to get the tranny on the tranny jack under the car. Even for doing tire rotation, its much easier.

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Im using the [ame=http://www.amazon.com/Arcan-ALJ2T-Aluminum-Floor-Jack/dp/B00132CGEW/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1418142018&sr=8-3&keywords=arcan+floor+jack]Arcan ALJ2T Aluminum Floor Jack[/ame] with some hockey pucks to put between the car and the jack. It works very well and is a cheap way to cushion.


The HF jacks are good and if there was a HF near me I would have purchased one of those instead, especially for the price.

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Just to follow up.

I bought the little 1.5 Ton aluminum jack from Harbor Freight. It has been on sale for $89.99 and I found a coupon for $69.99. The night before I had it in my cart with a coupon for $58.99 but didn't press the button. The coupon was gone when I tried yesterday. So just went to the store and picked it up with the $69.99 coupon.


I opted for the 2 year replacement and also got a pair of the Jack stands $24 ($29.99 +20% of coupon) which have the V shaped profile.


1.5 Ton Jack:

Item#68053 (it goes by several part #s)



3 ton jack stands

Item#61196 (Goes by several different part #s)



-sometimes these go on sale for under $20.


I haven't tried it yet, but did make a DIY pinch weld adapter out of some hard plastic.

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