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New engine?

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Hello everyone,

I recently purchased an 05 legacy gt. Awesome car but after about 2 hours of driving it, it shit the bed, The car itself is in pretty good shape so I've been trying to find a replacement engine. I'm looking for help with any websites or anywhere that I can find a new engine, or even a low mileage used engine. I love the car and I barely got to drive it. Hoping for some quick help.


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When you say, "Just got the car" -- was it less than 30 days ago? Did you buy it from a dealership?


If so, take a look at your state's Lemon Laws. There's usually a 30-day "cooling off" period which also covers some instances of catastrophic failure, such as you are experiencing.


. . . unless you're prepared to spend another 5-7k on the car right now?

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