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215/45/17 Rims/Tires

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they will fit as long as the offset on the wheel is close to spec.

but since it is a 17, instead of the factory 15", that is probably not an issue.


the tire size 215/45/17 (24.6" dia) however is closer to the lego L size, 185/70/14 (24.2")

than it is to the stock outback size, 205/70/15 (26.3")

but you can correct that the next time you need to buy tires.


google tire size calculator


but if you don't mind the smaller tire,

the speedo being wrong, reading slower than actual,

and the car sitting about 3/4 inch lower,

have at it.

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ive got a 95 wagon that had 205/45/17 on it with no issues. my GT had 225/50/16 with some rubbing issues, but a 5mm spacer worked that out pretty well. make sure the wheel you are getting has an offset that works tho. my 17s are +43 and the 16s i think are stock at +54 or something like that
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