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Engine trouble: Here are my codes

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P0102 Mass Air Flow Circuit Low Input

P1518 Starter Switch Circuit Low Input

P0852 Neutral Switch Input Circuit High

P0011 Camshaft Position - Timing Over-Advanced (Bank 1)

P1153 Front O2 Sensor Circuit Range/Performance (High)

P1152 Front O2 Sensor Circuit Range/Performance (Low)

P0171 System too Lean

P0137 Rear O2 Sensor Circuit Low Voltage

P0113 Intake Air Temperature Circuit High Input



These are the codes showing up. I just bought an 05 LGT 5MT w/ 128,xxx and a new engine but its showing the CEL and cruise control and it is certainly not running properly. It was stalling at low RPMs, slow to accelerate, and had a rough idle. Does anyone know what could be causing all this? Are they related to anything? Could some of the sensors be just dirty? If you have had any experience with this any help would be much appreciated. Let me know what you think.

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When was the last time you changed the oil?


When you do again, you might wanna get a Blackstone sample while you're at it -- be good to know what's really going on in there.


I would clean up the OCVs,(take out, spray down with brakekleen, then coat in WD-40 and reinsert) and maybe replace if the code doesn't go away. Check the connection on the o2 sensor, check battery voltage, and clean the MAF with actual MAF cleaner. Check turbo inlet for tears.

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The connectors were connected when I had my accessport in. I used it to retrieve the codes. I have been changing the oil every 500 miles on the new motor. Im at about 1500 now on my third oil change.


Did you disconnect them afterwards? You shouldn't need them connected to retrieve codes.

BtSsm - Android app/Bluetooth adapter. LV, logging, gauges and more. For 05-14 Legacy (GT, 2.5, 3.0, 3.6), 02-14 WRX, 04-14 STi, 04-14 FXT, 05-09 OBXT
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Yes the green connectors are disconnected now. I only had them connected to install the stage 1 map from the accessport and I disconnected them immediately after. Now, after driving ~60 miles today, the only code showing up is P0011 Camshaft Position - Timing Over-Advanced (Bank 1). I will be checking the grounds and cleaning the OCVs tomorrow so hopefully I will get rid of this nasty CEL.
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