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Tune for Cobb Airbox - 2008 Legacy GT


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Did a quick search and didn't find what I was looking, hopefully you guys can help me out.


Since Cobb doesn't have an OTS map for their intake (On 2007+ I believe) I was wondering if anyone had just a base stage1 and 2 map woth modified tables to account for the larger diameter tubing. The previous owner put in a K&N filter and I'm not sure if that could be detrimental to the engine, but either way I'd like to switch it out and get a better induction noise.


If anyone has something that I could use, it'd be much appreciated.

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I am happy to provide a stage 1 custom tune for your vehicle which would scale for the intake as well as make the car runtil a little better by making a tune suited to your specific vehicle rather than an ots map.


Check out my signature under this post for details.






Providing unmatched customer service and a Premium level of Dyno/E-tuning to the Community




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The reason I just would want an OTS map is because of my plans to get a professional dyno tune, but the offer is pretty appealing for the price. After looking at your thread, your service seems very respectable and I'll be certain to keep this in mind when looking at my options.
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