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Blowning Headlight fuse


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I have trying searching under HIDs issues but was not able to find anything to begin my troubleshooting.


I was wondering what cause me to blow the 15a fuse? A couple of days ago I noticed my right (passenger headlight) went out. The next morning I checked the HIDs and ballast. All seemed fine. Then I checked fuse 6 and it was blown, which was causing no low-beam or high-beam lighting on the right side. After replacing the 15a fuse I had low and high-beam lights working again. However, an hour later I started the car and the same fuse had blown again.


Also, I swapped the old ballast out because my passenger light looked more like 4300k instead of 5000k. Once I switched the 7-year old ballast the HID looked like an 5000k again. However, after doing some research on the switch ballast this past week, this is one of the cheaper brands. Could this cause a fuse to blow or is there something else to check. I may put the old one back in but haven't had time this week.



Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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