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Front end shimmy issue


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Alright everyone, I have 98 Legacy GT, 261XXX miles, and as the title states I have front end shimmy/wobble..


So far I have replaced:

New rotors/Stoptech

New calipers/Raybestos

New Pads/Redstuff

New inner and outer TRods/Raybestos

New suspension/H&R spring and Excel Gs

New swaybar endlinks/Whiteline

And last but not least...New Tires, 2 days ago/Continentals


Where do I go from here? Thanks everyone any help and/or advice!

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Wheel bearings would be next I think. I know a couple of the 4th Gen had that issue and it was because wheel bearings were going.

I hear mixed thoughts about it being bearings, however I won't rule them out.


Could it be axles? control arms? Ball joints?


I also just had my car aligned

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