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Stage 2 - Sulfur Smell

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Hey Everyone,


About a month ago I went stage 2 on my 2005 GT:


CNT catted downpipe

2013 STi up-pipe

Road tune by JohnJohn at Outback (infront?) Automotive


Now whenever I get off the freeway the cabin starts to smell strongly like sulfur/rotten eggs. Do new HFCs have a break-in period where they smell like ass? Or did I buy a DP with a bad cat?


Any thoughts?

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My car will occasionally drop a bomb. I have the same CNT downpipe, maybe it has someone to do with the cat. It's seems to have gotten better over time, I've been running the pipe for over 3 years now.


If you're smelling something everyday you probably have a different issue. Mine only smells bad maybe once everything other week now. It's usually under full load conditions with low rpms that I smell it. Like if I have it floored in 5th gear at 2,500 rpms.

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if it is a constant smell you have a leak somewhere. check manifold to up-pipe,

up-pipe to turbo, turbo to downpipe, and DP to catback. if you drive with only 1 window open it will pull a syphon and suck the smell into the car.

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