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Brakes / Dealer ?


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Well today i dropped the car off for its 30k check-up. I am actually just over 33k on the odometer. I mentioned to the dealer to check my brakes since they have been squeking a little lately.


This originally started in the mornings backing the car out of the lot. I attributed this to the surface rust on the rotors since we are starting to cool down up here in the north east and it has still been quite humid, so there is definetly noticable rust in the mornings.


Lately the brakes have started to do the squeak more. Most noticably now when exiting the highway from 65 or so and braking down the off ramp, or even in city traffic when coming down from 45-50 or so. I would say somewhere between light to medium pedal pressure is when i will get a noise. If i just touch the brakes it usually doesn't do it and if i am braking for a full stop, after the initial bite it won't do it either.


Anyway, i mentioned to the dealer to check them out. Fast forward to about 10 min ago when i got the call the car was ready. The service guy said that they checked the brakes and that they couldn't find anything wrong with them. He gave me two responses. The first was that it could be brake dust build-up. The second was how the pad is made up of compounds, some of which are metal. He said that there could just be a part containing more metal than usuall and that it might just need to burn off.


Something about the last statement didn't sound right, so i just happened to ask him how much life he still thought i had left in the pads. He said about 25-30% left. Anyone have any opinions on this? Basically i will be over with my warranty soon and i kind of have a feeling like they are not replacing them under warranty so that i have to pay for them in a few months out of my pocket rather than theirs. I was eventually going to put better pads on, but figured if they would replace them for free, why not go that route now and do better ones later.



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Well i definetly think they did something. In the short drive from the dealer home, the brakes at least feel better and haven't made any noise yet. We'll see tomorrow on the drive to work.


Otherwise the car felt fantastic after the 30k service!

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