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pro tuners in Pennsylvania???


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I'll have to give them a car and see if they do n/a I just wish they still made the accesport for the 05-09 n/a legacies I doubt I could find one used.


Trade-in = more HP and proportionally larger smiles:)

Updated parts list since original part-out here.


Original Full part-out of my LGT HERE!

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I had an N/A legacy and forester... what I can tell you is that any gain you're going to find isn't going to be worth the money. It is super costly to see only very minor gains. Stash your money away for a fund to get a turbo platform someday... or just stick to aesthetic mods. You could also get a UEL header for the sound... but sadly, you'll actually lose HP that way.


Sorry to be the one to rain on your parade.

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