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Nav Issues

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I own an 07 Spec B, and I've been having all kinds of problems with the nav. The nav system doesn't automatically read where my car is located. When I first bought it, I went through the calibration menu and told the Nav exactly where my car was. Everything worked fine until I went on a road trip. Roughly 20 miles outside of town The nav decided I had driven off the freeway and was driving across country. I corrected it several times, but it always managed to foul up again.


I'm also having an issue with the clock on the nav screen being 33 minutes slow. The interface gives an option to adjust the hours, but not the minutes. The owners manual says that the nav system will use GPS to update the minutes automatically, but after several weeks of driving it, there has still been no update.


I called SoA about both issues, and they said they had no fix for it. Has anyone else had a similar problem, and if so, any suggestions for correcting either of my issues? The nav system is running the original map it came with. I'm wondering if updating to a newer version would update the interface as well as the maps and resolve this issue. I'm just not very keen on spending $238 on something that might fix it.

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Buy a Tom Tom XL and get free lifetime updates, plus realtime traffic with re-routing.


Much cheap, much better and its portable.


For what you'll spend on one update for the OEM system you can buy the Tom Tom. Oh, and you can make changes while the car is moving.

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