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2005 Subaru Legacy Bumper/Grill fastener questions

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So I've searched and haven't found anything quite like what I'm asking and I hope you guys can help.


I have a couple of projects coming up that I need to work on that involve removing the front bumper and grill (re-dip my grill, customize headlights, swap headlight wiring harness).


But there is one single snag that I can't get pass yet. On the 2005s (and possibly other years, but I think not) there is a bolt on each side that attaches the grill to the bumper and to the frame.


See the image below (I subtly highlighted. Let me know if I need to further point it out):



(That's not my picture obviously.)


This bolt screws into a blind rivnut under the frame mount. The problem is that this nut was over-tightened (or something) and broke free and now just spins. So I can't remove the bolt and thus can't remove the grill, bumper or headlight assemblies.


My plan is to just drill out the bolt (or maybe cut it). Which presents the next problem, re-assembling every thing.


I plan to make a DIY rivnut tool which leaves one question:


Does anyone know what size that nut/bolt is (in terms of diameter and length)?


I don't want to start the project and not be able to put the thing back together and Ibelieve that's the last piece of information I need.


Thanks guys. :cool:

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No promises, but it looks like the subaru part number for that bolt is 57737GA290, 57785A in the link below.




My legacy doesn't use that to secure the grill, but it does use that as a headlight bolt. After taking out the bolt out, it would appear to be a M6 x 25mm bolt.


*After looking around it looks like your bolt has a combination phillips head / hex head. I want to say the dimensions listed above are probably the same, but I'm not sure.


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Sweet! So awesome. Thanks for the info.


To be honest, it probably doesn't have to be exactly the same. As long as it's relatively close in size, I could probably use any rivnut + bolt combination to secure everything together. But I just find it easier to leave things as close to OEM as possible.

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You'll likely end up with some extra 10mm bolts in this project, but, yes, m6x1.25x25mm (or so) should fit just fine. Be careful with those grille tab-things. I broke nearly all of mine due to not taking them out properly, so, my grille is only held down with two 10s, and the bumper with the two tens just below that. :lol:


Good luck getting it all back together!

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