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New Member - Advice Needed - 2007 Legacy

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Hey guys,


This is the first time I'm considering purchasing a Subaru... I searched other forums and found useful information, especially when it came to the reliability studies. However, I still would like to get solid member feedback from you guys... Specifically for this car I'm considering , especially with this mileage and the dreaded head gasket issue I have read about. Here are the details:


2007 Subaru Legacy

127K miles



Almost all the reviews I have read about it have been awesome. I'm just not so sure about this one's mileage ... And the head gasket issue scares me a bit.


It's either this Subaru or a 2008 Saab 9-3. But from what I've been reading about the Saab, it has a terrible intake valve issue which runs about $2000 to fix. This seems to affect most models.


A) Is the Legacy a reliable car?

B) What are some of the most common problems with this year model?

B) What services need to be done at this mileage?

C) Anything to watch for, listen to when test driving?

D) How do I find out if it has a head gasket issue?


Thank you guys so much in advance. I really look forward to buying this car!!!

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The answer to ALL of those questions lies with a good, local Subaru specialty shop. Hit up the regional forums, see where most everyone else takes their cars (NOT THE DEALERSHIP!!) and go get a prepurchase inspection done by someone who knows what they're looking at.


For the most part, though, the NA Legacies are pretty-trouble free.

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